Summer shoot with Amanda

Summer shoot with Amanda

One of my favourite things to do is walk around and take portraits without much planning ahead of time. You get some spontaneous shots at different locations. This is what Amanda, a local model, and I did two summers ago. It’s actually feels really weird that it was a year ago when we took these photos because it doesn’t feel that long at all. Amanda is a really down to earth kind of gal. She was super prepared and brought a suitcase full of clothing options. We had a lot of fun.

Amanda did her own hair and makeup. I think she did an awesome job. We started our adventure behind the National Art Gallery. They have beautiful vine wall there and lots of open space. It was a sunny day, but that didn’t stop us from getting some great photos.

For this shoot I was only using my old camera, a Canon 6D, and natural light. I believe I was using my kit lens (24-105mm f/4) and maybe the 50mm f/1.8.

As you can see, Amanda had some great clothing picked out. It was a really relaxed shoot. I hope you enjoyed my shoot with Amanda. A big thank you to Amanda for reaching out to me and making this fun shoot happen.

You can check out more of Amanda’s work in the link below.

Amanda: @_amanda_wolf


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