Mature beauty with Judy

Mature beauty with Judy

I had a blast working with Judy, a woman of many talents. She is the true meaning of an artist. She designs sets for plays, designs costumes, and is both a model and visual artist. She paints these really beautiful pet portraits. It amazing me that one woman can be so talented in so many areas. For this shoot, Carolyn did Judy’s hair and makeup. I wanted a modern twist of a 1950s hairstyle with red lips. I instructed Judy to bring black clothing. In retrospect, I should have let her bring whatever she wanted because I know it would have been amazing. She came super prepared with so many amazing outfits in black. It was hard to pick. Judy is a very colourful person so we changed the background colour to red and green. Green is one of her favourite colours. It was a bold tech green we used, but why not? Let’s have some fun!

Here’s the beautiful look created by Carolyn. Judy is an exceptionally beautiful woman and extremely artsy. I absolutely love that about her. She is one of those people you meet and they impress you with their knowledge and overall general style.

My favourite photos of Judy are these following photos. I love her natural bold model posing. You can tell when meeting and working with Judy that she very confident and strong. I love how her self awareness is captured in these photos. She rocked this shoot!

To see more of my teams work, click the links below.

Judy: @judydesign  @vincentvanpoodle

Carolyn: @carolynbeautyandstyle


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