Beauty Shoot with Hollie

Beauty Shoot with Hollie

Beauty shoots are my absolute favourite types of shoots. I love close up photos of people’s faces with creative and beautiful makeup. I love interacting with the model to come up with the best poses for their face shape and getting the expression that would make the photo pop. I genuinely love the whole process.

For this shoot, I recruited the talented Raadhaa for makeup and hair.  I adore Raadhaa and her spunky nature. Her makeup skills are top notch and she is great with helping and directing the model on set. In the summer it’s hard to connect to do fun shoots because of the wedding season  but when we do, we get amazing photos. She suggested we work with a natural red haired model named Hollie. I hadn’t heard of her before this. When she sent me her picture I was all in. Hollie is a very beautiful and unique model. She has gorgeous green eyes and long curly red hair. We did two different sets. Unfortunately Raadhaa couldn’t come to the shoot, but Hollie and I had a ball.

For this shoot I bought green and pink tulle. I had planned ahead that I wanted to use an olive coloured background and pink tulle for the first set. I love reds and greens together. They complement each other so well. The softness of tulle really adds a delicate touch to these photos. How beautiful is Hollie and how amazing is Raadhaa’s makeup and hair look?

The next set we reversed the colour palette. I used a soft beige background and green tulle. We let Hollie’s hair down and played with the tulle a bit. When I do these shoots, I get the model to wear a tube top to give the bare shoulder look. I like to make sure the model is feeling comfortable. Thats super important to me. Hollie did an amazing job with posing. Raadhaa had sent Hollie over to my studio with a second lip colour to change it up. She always ahead of the game.

For this shoot I used my Canon 5D mark IV and my kit lens (24-105mm). I used an Elinchrom BRX 500 and a large Elinchrom octobox. I like to keep my shoots pretty simple. I hope you enjoy our work. To check out more of my team’s work, click the links below.

Hollie: @holliekennedyy

Raadhaa: @radiantbyraadhaa or


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