Bridal inspired shoot with Caroline

Bridal inspired shoot with Caroline

Earlier this year I had an amazing shoot is definitely blog worthy. I had my first wedding inspired shoot with an incredible team of ladies. The shoot was planned to go one way and evolved into something even more beautiful. The model for this session was Caroline from Angie’s models. Caroline is a very beautiful model with light blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair. She was perfect for the look my team had in mind. Raadhaa was the makeup and hair stylist. Her styling was absolutely amazing. There’s no surprise there. Michele Beaudoin lent us her extremely elegant white dress. Michele’s designs are absolutely amazing and I love working with her because she is an incredible person and fun to have at the shoots. These photos were published in Imirage Magazine but for the purpose of showing our work I will be sharing the photos not as they appeared in the magazine.

The first look that Raadhaa created was a soft natural look with a loose braid. It was a great look for Caroline to let her natural beauty shine. I put light coloured tulle in the background to give the photo a softer look. We shot in my bedroom. My concept was to capture the bride a moment before the wedding took place when she found a moment to be by herself.

I picked up some flowers from Loblaws before the shoot. You can always find flowers 50% that will look great the day of the shoot but not live much past that. I did reach out to a local florist but unfortunately the timing didn’t work so I went the simple root and shopped at the closest store.

You can see more of the beautiful gown now. It fit Caroline perfectly and I couldn’t have picked a better dress if I tried.

The next look Raadhaa made the eyes more dramatic. The second photo was the main theme when we started. It was a challenge to capture this shot. Caroline was lying on the bed in a pile of tule. I had a C-stand so the light could be directly above her shooting downwards. I was standing on the bed and Raadhaa was holding my back so I wouldn’t fall. I believe Michele was holding a reflector. It would have made a fun behind the scenes photo.

Then we called it quits with the strobe and went to natural light. We had Caroline sit on the bed facing the window and have the natural light do it’s thing. Natural light when coming from a big window gives the most soft and romantic feel. Perfect for a wedding inspired shoot. The black and white photo is one of my all time favourite shots.

Shoots like these gives me a natural high. Its when a bunch of talented people come together and make art that makes me feel euphoric. I just want to keep creating new photos that make me feel this way. That’s one of the beauties of art. It makes you feel something that you can’t explain and thats okay. I was blessed to work with such an incredible group of ladies.

Check out my teams work:

Model – Caroline – @carolineearle

Agency: @angiesmodels

Makeup/Hair – Raadhaa – @radiantbyraadhaa

Fashion Designer: Michele Beaudoin

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