Mature Beauty with Rosanne

Mature Beauty with Rosanne

I had such a fun shoot with Rosanne. Rosanne is a local fitness model and refers to herself on instagram as Fitness Grandma. She takes pride in her fitness and I completely understand. She is in exceptional shape and is very beautiful. She is also a hairstylist by trade so she is in the fashion industry as well. For our shoot together, Fatima did her hair and makeup. She did a natural makeup look and her hair in an updo. Check out Fatima’s incredible work.

For the background I used a fabric Cameron backdrop. I bought a bunch of them while working at Henry’s but don’t use them often. I do like them for vintage shoots where the photographers back in the day would have used fabric backgrounds and close up photos like this where the colours blur nicely together.

Roseanne and I had a fun theme in mind. The classic Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s look and her dancing poses. Roseanne brought a bunch of accessories and outfits to play with. I think they are fun.

Here are two of the looks. I think this is exactly what photography is about. Having some fun and making fun memories to look back on and smile.


To see more of my team’s work:

Roseanne: @bellarose_fitness_grandma 

Fatima: @beautytouch_byfatima


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