Model portfolio with Davyn and Leo

Model portfolio with Davyn and Leo

This may be my cutest blog post ever. I will be sharing two young boys’ modelling portfolios. Davyn, who is 8 years old,  is an incredibly talented young man. He can act, model, dance, knit, crochet and draw. I am super impressed with all of his ambitions and all of his achievements. He is represented by Angie’s models and is incredible at it despite his age. He also is in karate with his younger brother and dad. His younger brother Leo, who is 5 years old,  is not represented yet as he is still a bit young but we couldn’t help but to take his photos like his big brother. He is equally as talented as his brother. I am sure he will be following in his brothers footsteps in a year or two.

Carolyn did both of the boys’ makeup and hair. She’s their mom so we had fun shopping for their clothing together. Both boys were well behaved but tired. They modelled after karate class and after dinner. They both did such a great job!

We took Davyn’s photos first. He is a better poser than most models twice his age. I had my work cut out for me keeping up with him. No joke!

I love Davyn’s personality. When he does something he puts his all into it. He has so much passion and many ideas. I really see him going far with modelling/acting or whatever he puts his mind to. He’s a very good kid. I am not just saying this because Carolyn is my friend, although I wouldn’t have met Davyn if it wasn’t for her.

We bought matching clothing for Leo. He’s more shy than Davyn but when he gets used to you, he opens up. He is absolutely adorable and his smile with his dimples will melt your heart. We had Davyn help his brother pose and show him the ropes. They are very close and supportive of each other.

Not only did they dress the same, they also have the same fresh hair cuts. I didn’t notice that until now. I think that’s super cute.

We kept getting Leo to say cheese because he would do a really cute smile afterwards. The shoot with both of them was only about 10 minutes. With kids it’s best to keep the shoot short because their attention spans are shorter and when they lose interest, it’s game over. I had everything set up before they started modelling so they didn’t have to wait around. Both of them did a great job.

To see more of my team’s work:

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