Vintage shoot with Florence

Vintage shoot with Florence

You know that you are doing what you love when it’s what you’d prefer to spend your free time doing between clients. I love vintage shoots, but I can’t help but notice that mostly they feature people from the European background. When you think pin up and especially women from the flapper era you picture a white woman all glammed up. But how cool would it be to show what else was going on at the same time in different cultures’ backgrounds? Admittedly, I am not a historian but I love looking back at old photos to find new inspiration. I teamed up with Ruth Cameron to find a great look for our model Florence for one of these shoots. We looked at photos from the 1920s and the leading women in the Jazz community. That’s were we studied the look that these women wore, and went hunting at a local thrift store to complete the look. I picked out a vintage light blue jacket I knew would look amazing on Florence, and shortly thereafter found a skirt. Ruth took our finds home and match them with the perfect accessories. She had bought a fur second hand to wrap around Florence’s collar. On our second trip we found a pin up inspired red polka dot dress and Ruth accessorized that outfit to from head to toe. We were ready to shoot! Here is the 1920s look!

Makeup was done by the fantastic makeup artist, Fatima. I chose a nice light brown background to compliment Florence’s skin tone and the blue in her outfit. We were originally going to shoot this look outside, but we got rained in. The rain couldn’t stop us from nailing the shoot though!

Ruth found this beautiful leather vintage suitcase at Value Village. She is incredibly talented and took it a step further by adding some printed off vintage stamps. They only show slightly in the photos, but details are everything. I found a vintage sewing magazine and we copied the posing for the middle photo above. Florence nailed the look and character she was playing.

We had also done a 1950s pinup look a few days earlier. Fatima did an incredible job on hair and makeup here too. Look at the delicate hand posing and expressions that Florence was pulling off. I love working with such talented people!

Doing outdoor vintage photos is challenging because you have to avoid modern looking surroundings. We originally were going to shoot at a train station setup in Stittsville. The problem with that was it our set was cluttered with several pianos and was too busy for my liking. While the station itself was a really cool spot, to get the whole location in the photo would mean that Florence would be small. There were a few simple benches nearby however, with some green shrubs/bushes around them that made the perfect background. We only had about 20 minutes to shoot the look because we were battling time and a quickly disappearing sun. It was a fun experience, nonetheless. The whole team did such an amazing job.

I also want to thank my boyfriend for being the amazing person he is and driving us ladies to the location. In a time crunch, he was there for us.

To see more of my teams work:

Model: Florence @bcajuste 

Makeup/hair: @beautytouch_byfatima

Ruth doesn’t have a styling page yet. My apologies.

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