Mature Beauty Session with Naida

Mature Beauty Session with Naida

It was an absolute pleasure to have Naida at my studio and spend an hour capturing her beauty. She is a very kind and warm person. We connected through Instagram when I started to focus on women 35 years and older. We decided to do a simple shoot with natural makeup and hair. I wanted to capture the essence of who Naida is as a person. She is a very beautiful woman so I wanted to showcase that. Naida is a working actress with Angie’s models and also works for Health Canada so she is a pretty busy woman. I was blessed that she lent me some time to have our fun shoot.

Carolyn, my makeup and hair stylist, did an incredible job. The makeup she did was natural and perfect for what I wanted. She straightened her hair and left it down. Her hair had the look that you get when you leave the salon after a blow dry. Beautiful, but not distracting. We also went for a natural look so that the photos could be used for her acting portfolio as well.

Naida has incredible style. The only request I made for her wardrobe was a white blouse. It is simple and I knew it would look good against her beautiful dark hair. The rest of the clothing items were Naida’s picks. For posing I had a bunch of ideas picked out before the shoot that I wanted to try. They were all super natural as shown but worked with her body type and age. I usually have a few new poses I plan out before each session as a starting point. From these poses I direct a few simple body adjustments and create new poses. The more experienced models, like Naida, appreciate the help with the starting pose but they naturally move to the next with little effort.

I loved this light blue turtle neck sweater on Naida. It looks like it was made just for her. You know someone is meant to model when every piece of clothing they put on looks amazing. I am happy that we went without socks for these. It gave a more causal feel to the photos and looks relaxed.

I feel that women over 35 years of age are under represented in media, in fashion, and in the beauty industry. This is a huge problem. Aging is a natural and beautiful process.   There are thousands of beauty creams that claim to help you look young forever, and cosmetic procedures you can get on top of this. The fact of the matter is, you can’t look twenty forever.  Media in general makes it seem that you are failing as a person if you happen to move on past thirty and have some white hair or wrinkles. I have a different opinion about this. I believe that aging has its own beauty. There is such a thing as aging gracefully and each decade brings on a different type of beauty. That’s why I like capturing photos of people as they age to show that it doesn’t end there. With high quality photos and some makeup and hair styling I believe it’s possible to redefine beauty standards. I know I am a small fish, but I have a strong team of women behind me. I believe doing this will help women embrace their beauty at any age, rather than feel like their bodies are betraying them as time naturally passes – they aren’t. Naida is a very beautiful woman and is a perfect example that beauty doesn’t stop at any age.

To see more of my team’s work:

Naida: @naida.hyndman

You can hire Naida or other amazing talents through @angiesmodels or

Makeup and hair: @carolynbeautyandstyle



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