Brigitte Bardot inspired shoot

Brigitte Bardot inspired shoot

I love vintage shoots. I love shopping for vintage clothing and I love researching old photos. The whole process is fun to me and recreating old styles with a slight modern tone is heaven. I get so much pleasure from it. So, when Marie L. from Angie’s models reached out to me, I already had a look in mind that I wanted to do. For her, it was a 1960s Brigitte Bardot look. I contacted my friend and stylist Carolyn and she was on board. ¬†As always, she did an incredible job. Here’s the look she created.

We had two styles. The first look was pink on pink and youthful. The general hair and makeup was similar to something Brigitte Bardot might wear, but we had fun with it. I bought the dress and bracelet at Value Village, a local thrift shop. The dress is modern but with inspiration of the 60s so it was close enough for me. Here are some more from that set.

Marie did such a great job with her posing and expressions. She really got into character and was easy to work with. We both had fun shooting the pink look but to our surprise we both liked the results of the next look. I switched the background to almond colour. It gives a very polished and commercial look to the photos. Here’s the second set.

The makeup and hair was the same as before, but we took out the cute pink ribbon and lost the pink jewelry. This dress was purchased at the Salvation Army. You can find such amazing clothing in thrift stores if you have the time and patience to look.

All these photos were photographed at my home studio. I used a single light setup with my Elinchrome BRX 500 strobe and a large octobox. I always have a reflector or two to fill the light were is needed. I like to keep the lighting minimal and shoot as simple as possible when doing these beauty shoots.

I hope you like the behind the scenes stories about our shoot. You can check out Carolyn and Marie’s work from the links below.

Model: Marie: @__marieluciani

Angie’s Models: @angiesmodels

Makeup/hair stylist: @carolynbeautyandstyle 

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