What story does your phone’s photo album tell about you?

What story does your phone’s photo album tell about you?

Let’s be real. The camera on your phone is the most used camera of today’s time. We capture our favourite things, such as our favourite people, animals, family, food (OMG the food), events, your children, other peoples children… the list goes on.  Your phone camera roll tells a short story of your life. You may be like me and save photos from your old phone so you don’t lose images that you can’t recreate. Example, people/pets who passed away. I think having a camera in your phone is amazing. Back when I was young – before people had cell phone – we used disposable cameras/film and we probably missed many good photos. Sad thoughts. Although nothing was more exciting than picking up your photos after they had been developed.

Here are some photos that I couldn’t get rid of. My pet pig, Abbey, who I had to re-home because of by law rules in Ottawa. She moved to a petting farm. I heard it shut down so I have no idea where she is at now but I hope she is a happy girl like the days we had together. She was pretty epic at taking selfies. Losing her was my biggest heartbreak yet.


I also have tons of photos of my dog, Ozzy. Everything he does is cute so I have to take a photo of whatever it is immediately and send it to my boyfriend, Vince. I even go the extra mile and put the photos on Facebook. Your welcome facebook friends.

I have photos of last halloween when Vince and I both dressed up as Hot Dogs and went to Carolyn’s party as two weinies. That was fun.

I just recently bought Vince a birthday present. We weren’t supposed to buy each other anything. We are going to Newfoundland to visit my family and take some amazing east coast photos so we decided to not do gifts this year. I broke that rule. I saw this oven mitt and couldn’t help buying it. Too epic for words so I asked Vince to take a photo of it when I was at work. This is what I got sent to me via text and the photo I fell in love with on Amazon.

What photos do you have saved in your phone that tells your life story? I totally think its worth sharing those funny stories you have.



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