Pay what you can event!

Pay what you can event!

Two weekends ago I hosted a Pay What You Can Mini Sessions. I got the idea from another photographer’s blog who had a positive experience and I thought I would give it a try. I planned ahead that I would only do this event once in my career so it would be special for those who attend. I went to facebook and instagram and lightly promoted this mini session. I had evening plans so only had room for a couple of sessions. I booked three sessions (one cancelled last minute) but I found myself surprised that I was excited for both shoots that were confirmed. The terms for these sessions were simple, you get 30 mins sessions, three edited digital photos, and as the event’s names suggest you pay what you can afford.

My first session was with another fellow Ottawa photographer, Jeff Clifford. He is an excellent photographer so I was excited to meet him. It’s actually a lot of fun shooting with another photographer. You get to talk about photography itself, the industry, your experiences and of course gear. So when Jeff came over there was no awkward moments. There was lots of jokes and laughs which resulted in some great photos. I kept my lighting set up very basic as I promoted. I had a one light set up and used a reflector to bounce light where I needed it to go. I gave the choice of picking a background colour and Jeff picked grey. Here are the photos that came Jeff chose from our session.

My second session was with Melissa from MIM. She had her makeup and hair done ahead of time and requested a pink background. She was looking for some photos to add to her modelling portfolio and sent me her inspiration photos. I had a very clear idea of what she wanted which makes a good start to a session. Melissa is a very quiet model but also very polite and beautiful. She was a pleasure to work with and was excellent at taking directions. I enjoyed working with her. Here are the photos we captured from her session.

I had both of their photos back to them shortly after they had made their selection. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience doing these mini sessions. It was a very risky move allowing your clients to have a choice in what they pay but from this experience working with two individuals in the industry I was paid well. I wish them both the best success in each of their careers and I hope that our paths cross again.

To see more of their work:

Jeff: @jeffclifford_photography

Melissa: @mel.portelance

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