Bridal makeup with Angie’s models

Bridal makeup with Angie’s models

With wedding season wrapping up, I thought it would be fun to showcase some bridal looks that were created by my friend, Carolyn, a fantastic makeup artist and hair stylist. Before the wedding season begun Carolyn and I teamed up to create some beautiful portraits of four models from Angie’s models (AMTI).  I love working with Angie’s models because Angie is an excellent business woman and her communication skills are on point. She is the fastest email responder I have ever encountered and her models are always on time and are very pleasant. I am always blown away with the results I get from each and every one of them. I highly recommend hiring models through her agency.

Jelani was our first model. She is exceptionally beautiful and her hair was long and thick. It gave Carolyn lots of options for styling. Carolyn is a very organized person with many ideas. It’s fun hanging out with her while she styles and watching how she creates such beautiful looks. Carolyn wanted to create different looks for each model to show her diversity but also to compliment each model’s natural beauty. Here’s what she created for Jelani. How beautiful is she?!

Our second model was the absolutely gorgeous Daijah. She had shorter hair than Carolyn expected, but that was not a problem at all. It brought a whole bunch of new ideas for her to explore. She kept each of the model’s makeup on the more natural side, as that’s what most brides request. Daijah has such a beautiful natural smile and I was so happy to photograph her. Here’s the look Carolyn created for Daijah.

Katherine, our third model for the evening, travelled from Montreal to be a part of this shoot. I love the dedication these models have to their craft. Katherine has such a youthful beauty to her. Carolyn provided the jewelry and hair pieces, and carefully planned each piece for every model. She did her research before the shoot. Katherine was outfitted with a flower crown and loose curls. She had a definite bohemian vibe to her look and I absolutely loved it. Here’s Katherine’s look.

Our final model for this session was the stunning Taylor. Here eyes are magical! Light blue and so striking. She is a very beautiful model, and super tall!  You can’t tell from the photos, though, because all of the poses were seated. Carolyn wanted a simple and elegant look  for Taylor. She kept her long brown hair straight with a simple hair clip. It worked well with her. Carolyn let her natural beauty be the main focus. Here’s Taylor’s look.


I had so much fun capturing these looks and working with Carolyn and each of Angie’s models. The wedding dress was just a couple of pieces of wedding material that I wrapped around each model to give the appearance of a wedding dress. Seeing the makeup and hair was the main purpose, so we didn’t need to get designer wedding dresses – although that would have been fun too. Maybe for a future project. I hope you liked the looks we created. The models all did an awesome job! It was a pleasure working with Angie’s models and being part of this fun shoot.

To see more of these ladies’ work:

Carolyn: @carolynbeautyandstyle

Angie’s models: & @angiesmodels

Jelani: @jelaninanayakkara

Daijah: @daijahgray

Katherine: @mackay6177

Taylor: @taylorcorryy

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