Morning shoot with Nadya

Morning shoot with Nadya

“Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen.” – Unknown

Nadya, a local fitness model and soon to be yoga instructor, and I have been talking for years and we finally got together and starting doing portrait sessions. She is a morning person and so we have been scheduling our shoots before she has to go to work. She does her own makeup and usually leaves her hair down and natural, so it’s doable. I like our morning sessions because it’s an incredible way to kick start your day with a burst of creativity and fun. I am not a morning person, as I am usually editing and working at night, but our sessions make me appreciate what the mornings can bring. One of the biggest gifts being beautiful, natural light. Our first session was super chill and relaxed. Nadya came over to my place and we took some photos in a bedroom close to a window.

Nadya is an incredibly beautiful person. She is fun, super laid back and her appearance is quite striking. I have a bunch of clothing I have collected on my many trips to thrift stores and from Facebook market, and they do come in handy at shoots. Shopping for yourself is dangerous enough but when size of the clothing has no limits then you start getting into a new level of collecting. Luckily, I am picky with my clothing selection so my shopping doesn’t get out of control. Anyways, I loved this loose floral dress on Nadya. It added to the softness of the photo which made this purchase well worth it.

I also absolutely love having flowers in the photos. It adds a feminine charm that I can’t get enough of. The flower choice for this session was baby’s breath. I have seen it in many portraits and it’s so elegant and beautiful. I may have a soft spot for baby’s breath because it was in my parent’s wedding photos. I think that was a big thing in weddings in the ’80s. Nevertheless, it’s a timeless flower for photography in my opinion and I plan to do more shoots with it in the future.

All these photos were shot with only natural light. No reflector or lighting used. I love the softness of natural light. Super affordable too! Win, win!

I hope you enjoyed my morning session with the beautiful model, Nadya. You can find her on instagram @nadpheebs.


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