Ozzy’s photoshoot

Ozzy’s photoshoot

Last weekend, Ozzy, my cockalier puppy, got his fur cut. Naturally I thought this an a perfect opportunity for him to have a mini photoshoot. He loves having his photo taken because he knows he will get lots of treats and treats are life. The ladies at Petsmart were amazing with Ozzy and gave him an awesome look. Ozzy even got a welcoming message on the board when he came in. Here are his before photos. All natural fur. Fur gone wild! Still cute but too hot for the summer weather.

Don’t mind my iPhone photos. I don’t bring my camera with me everywhere I go like some photographers do. Mainly because it’s super heavy depending on the lens. As you can see, Ozzy was very much in need of a summer make over.

Ozzy looking all fresh and chubby with his little chicken legs. He now isn’t too hot to sleep on our bed. Most of the summer he slept under the bed because there was air conditioning coming from a vent under there. Now he’s back to being a bed hog and kicking us in the middle of the night. He gets away with everything because of those brown eyes and freckled nose.

What a cutie!


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