Milk Bath Fashion with Katlyn & Keirstin

Milk Bath Fashion with Katlyn & Keirstin

It is always such a nice feeling when a shoot you have been planning for over a year finally takes place. Noahh, a friend & local makeup artist, and I had been planning a beauty milk bath shoot for what feels like forever. The one problem that I had was finding a location with a beautiful bath tub. The magic of social media brought me and Cathy together. Cathy is a super hip lady who owns a beautiful bed and breakfast in Ottawa called the Spoiled Rotten BnB. Cathy is a very helpful host and her place is beautiful with lots of flowers and colours. Photographers can rent rooms by the hour in the BnB, which is super helpful when shooting on a budget.  The room we rented had a spectacular bathtub and it was everything I had wanted for the shoot.

Our models for this session were two ladies I have worked with time and again – Katlyn and Keirstin. They are both super beautiful and talented models. They are always down for some fun photography adventures and the milk bath beauty concept was no exception. Michele Beaudoin lent us one of her beautiful gowns for Keirstin to wear. As it turns out, long beautiful gowns get super heavy to wear in the bath – who would have thought? Katlyn wore two different outfits that she provided. A funky orange body suit and a black lace body suit.

As you can tell, Katlyn was having some fun with our concept. I absolutely loved the orange theme. It’s youthful and colourful. The makeup had a splash of orange, too. It totally rocked. I couldn’t have found a better model to bring the orange to life.

Keirstin’s look was purple flowers with a literal splash of lime. Limes don’t float well. They are kind of jerks so we put them on top of the flowers (a trick of the trade) and they became floating jerks. They looked fun in the tub and then shortly thereafter went in the garbage. All of the flowers got a second life with Cathy. She is super creative and found another use for them as decoration. Most of the flowers I bought were half price at Loblaws except for the pink roses. But I love pink roses and they were a definite want for me.

Keirstin is super pretty. Another fun fact – milk powder and water can mess with a woman’s foundation. It left a white residue on top of the makeup, so I had to edit the skin a bit more than I would have normally, but hey, Photoshop can fix 99% of my problems. Photoshop’s got my back.

Katlyn and I tried to put many flowers on her eye but the only one that would work and not look ridiculous was this cute little purple flower. We tried grapefruit too but that was too big, and the sunflowers didn’t work either. I was reminded of the story of the three little bears. The purple flower was JUST RIGHT!


Katlyn got her Vitamin C on set too which was a healthy bonus. I hope you liked our fun summer shoot. Check out these amazing ladies’ work linked down below.

Location: @spoiledrottenbnb

Katlyn: @kitty_kat2323

Keirstin: @keirstin.madore

Noahh: @prettylittleyoumakeup



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