My Photoshoot with Robert from 200f2

My Photoshoot with Robert from 200f2

Instagram is such an amazing resource. I have met so many talented people with this photography sharing app. This is where I came across Robert’s photography business page. For those of you who are not familiar with Robert’s work and haven’t heard of his business, 200f2, you are in for a treat. Robert specializes in business and actor headshots. His photos are very clean and polished without over editing. Perfect photos for conveying your professional image whether it be for a prospective employer or clients.

After we connected on Instagram, Robert invited me over to his home studio for a mini session and to chat photography. He is such a nice and personable guy. He showed me every step of this process, how he lights his subjects, and let me ask him any questions I had. Then he took my photo and directed me as he would his clients. It was a really great experience. I definitely learned a thing or two. Here’s the photo he took of me. I like it because its fun and natural. As a photographer myself I didn’t want a serious business look. He made me laugh a lot during the session and captured it perfectly.


I also got to watch him edit this photo. He uses a different editing program then me. While I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, he uses Capture One for tethering and colour adjustments (similar to Lightroom) and Affinity Photo for retouching (similar to Photoshop) so that was interesting to see. In my opinion, I believe in using the software you are most comfortable with. That’s why I use Photoshop and Lightroom. I am pretty familiar with their functions and have long since integrated them into my workflow, but of course, there are endless things you can learn about any of these software programs. It was fun to see another photographer’s methods.¬†Here are a few headshots that Robert has done. They are all amazing. His lighting is always on point.


As you can see, his photos have’s their own signature look. Robert developed his style through his mentor, Peter Hurley. Peter Hurley is a world renowned portrait photographer in New York who also teaches other photographers how he shoots. I think it’s pretty amazing how the generosity of these photographers keeps getting passed down to help newer photographers grow. It’s really great that even in a competitive field like the photography industry there are selfless and giving people who help others rise. That being said, Robert and I aren’t in competition. I dipped my toes in business headshots when I got started but it’s really not my thing. There is a lot that goes into a business headshots even if it looks relatively easy. Looks can be deceiving. A lot about photography is lighting and Robert has his down to a tee. It’s actually very impressive. If you are looking for an incredible business headshot and want a fun experience, I recommend giving Robert a shout.

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Robert doesn’t only do business/actor headshots. He also does creatively lit portraits, which are also super impressive. To see more of Robert’s work check out the links below.

Instagram: @200f2


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