Beach Fashion with Karis

Beach Fashion with Karis

Sunday I had two back-to-back sessions at Westboro beach. My second session was a fashion inspired shoot with local designer Michele Beaudoin. I love photographing Michele’s gowns. They are all very elegant and high-fashion orientated. When Michele spoke to me about wanting to get some of her gorgeous gowns wet in a romantic lake or beach setting, I was game. Karis was our lovely model for the session and Carolyn was our makeup and hair stylist. They both did such incredible work – it makes my job so easy! Here is the beautiful look Carolyn created for Karis. I love her work. She is amazingly talented.

Karis is an absolutely stunning model. She poses so naturally and is very pleasant to work with. I have worked with her on numerous occasions and I always get great results with fond memories to look back on. She is really a lovely person.

We walked around and found some beautiful trees near the beach. The water is very rocky away from the public beach area and the sand is not smooth like the shores of the Great Lakes or on the coasts of many tropical countries, so we made due with what nature had to offer at our location. I am very happy with what we got. Some of the best photos come from going with the flow and not overly planning shoots. It lets you be creative and have fun.

We did get some photos close to the water. I absolutely love the photo of Karis sitting on the tree branch. Karis has a super high end pose and everything just works. The wind was also a nice add on to the shoot. Michele’s dress just naturally flowed setting up perfect opportunities for photo after photo.

I hope you have liked the photos my team and I all created. They are all very talented ladies and we all get along very well. It’s really never a dull moment with them.

To see more of their work:

Karis: @k_grub

Carolyn: @carolynbeautyandstyle

My work: @angelaholmyardphotography




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