Mature Beauty with Penelope

Mature Beauty with Penelope

Today I got to meet and work with one of the nicest and most fashionable ladies in Ottawa. Her is name is Penelope and she has been in front of the camera since she was seventeen years old, when she began modelling in England. You can only imagine the stories she could tell with her many experiences. Penelope was an absolute pleasure to work with. Our shoot was rather quick, but sometimes sessions just go so smoothly that you don’t need much time at all. It was an on-and-off cloudy day, but for the duration of our shoot is was overcast (which is incredible for portraits – no harsh lights/unwanted shadows).

Penelope has an incredible sense of style. It’s very boho chic which, is something I love myself. She rocks a lot of jewelry and pops of colour. Her style is very fun and it takes a creative mind to put such outfits together.

I got a lot of natural smiles from Penelope and loved every one.  I also have a lot of admiration for her. She is a woman who is completely comfortable with herself and loves every wrinkle she has. As she states, “she earned her wrinkles”.  I think thats a beautiful way to see passage of time. We are all lucky to be alive and should embrace life to it’s fullest – wrinkles, white hair and everything that comes along with it. You can see how much happiness Penelope has in her life with that beautiful smile she has. She is one hell of a lady.

Her style blew me away – I know I mentioned this already. I especially loved her funky shoes. They were so colourful and vibrant that I felt they were a perfect match for her personality. I told her I was going to get some full length photos of her sitting on a rock so  that I could include her fabulous shoes. After I got my photo she took a shoe off and posed with it. I loved that. Absolutely adorable.

We did our shoot at Westboro beach in Ottawa. It was my first time shooting at this location but I knew there would be some spots where we could find some privacy (mainly so I don’t have people in my background). Also the waterfront area is dog friendly so I brought my dog, Ozzy. But unfortunately, the main swimming area was off limits to dogs, so that’s another reason we didn’t shoot there. Here’s a behind the scene photo of Penelope and her new friend, Ozzy. PenelopebtsRS

Ozzy is a bit of a diva and doesn’t like having his photo taken unless there are treats involved. We bribe him often. I like this photo. Looks like they are in a deep conversation and Ozzy is listening and deep in thought.

Penelope was an absolute pleasure to work with. If you are looking for a fun, down to earth model, you definitely need to connect with her. You can find her on instagram below.

Penelope: @goransonp


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