Wild Hips Photoshoot with Olivia

Wild Hips Photoshoot with Olivia

Wild Hips is a local online clothing store that makes modern clothing for plus sized women. Alexandra, the founder of Wild Hips, decided to take matters in her own hands after encountering endless trips to clothing stores that left her without clothing that fit her body properly. She knew if she was having this problem, that many other women were also in the same boat. She decided to fix it by opening her own online store and selling clothing tailored to modern day plus sized women. Alexandra is such a strong woman. I really admire her. It takes a lot of time and energy to get a business started and I am happy to hear that she is having great success from the beginning.

I met Alexandra earlier this summer when she hired me to do catalog photos for her website. Aside from being hardworking, she has a sassy and easy going personality, not to mention an open sense of humour. You never know what will come out of her mouth, but you know it will make you laugh. She picked some great models for our session, one of which was Olivia.

This past weekend I had plans to go to Kingston to visit friends on Wolfe Island, but being a bit of a workaholic, I managed to squeeze in a fun shoot with Olivia, while I was passing through. She lives in Kingston so I asked Alexandra to lend us some of her new inventory. Alexandra was happy to do so and provided us with many summer dresses and other clothing. Here’s the first outfit we photographed.

Olivia is a confident and super beautiful model. She is new to modelling but knows how to pose and has a killer figure. I really got along with her at the previous commercial shoot and was happy to have an opportunity to shoot again with her. She is very down to earth and loves fashion.

I absolutely loved the red Goddess dress on Olivia. I swear Olivia looks good in every colour (I’m slightly jealous). We shot three different colours of the Goddess style dress. I personally think it’s beautiful.  Not only is it elegant, but it’s also not super hot to wear. This summer in Ottawa has been very hot so it’s nice to wear clothing that lets your skin breathe. Why not also look fabulous?

Alexandra likes to keep the editing on her catalog photos to a minimum to showcase natural beauty, which saves a lot of time in post-processing. Olivia is naturally beautiful anyways so my job was super easy. As you can see, black also looks incredible on Olivia. For me, not so much.  I wore a black dress to prom back in the day and it was a horrible choice! I am super pale and pairing that with a beautiful black dress was too much of a contrast. Oh well.

Here’s the white goddess dress. And yep, Olivia rocked that colour, too.

Some summer Kimonos! Yes please! Alexandra loves the boho feel and her clothing choices are amazing. The pink Kimono is a bit of a heavy material which is perfect for when the weather starts cooling down. The see-through black Kimono is great for the summer to add some style to your outfit.

Fun Fearless and Female! Super cute tank top with a lot of personality. Adorable and perfect for everyday wear.

I had a really good time photographing Olivia and having Alexandra style her. Originally, Olivia and I planned to do a shoot without a stylist, but if you have one willing to give your model clothing that would benefit a local business why wouldn’t you go for it? Olivia is such a sweetheart and a pleasure to work with.

To see more of Olivia’s and Alexandra’s works check out their information below.


Olivia: @olive.the.asslete

Wild Hips Official: @wildhipsofficial  & www.wildhips.com 

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    that’s a beautiful smile, i must say.

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