Mature Beauty with Dawn

Mature Beauty with Dawn

I thoroughly enjoyed shooting with this beautiful person. Dawn is an Ottawa-based comedian, a mother, and a government worker. She also love Star Trek and is super easy to get along with. She is bubbly and super sweet. Dawn got her makeup and hair down by the super talented stylist, Fatima. Fatima can make anyone feel confident with her amazing work. Here’s the before and after makeup photos.

Our direction with this shoot was to showcase Dawn’s bubbly personality which works well with her being a comedian. She has such a beautiful smile and I was so happy that she was comfortable enough with me and being in front of the camera that I could capture it.

You can tell she was having fun on set. She had a range in expressions and poses which most women who don’t have modelling experience have a hard time doing. You can tell she is very comfortable in her skin and is loving life. It totally makes sense that she does stand up comedy because she is great with opening herself up to others and letting her personality shine through.

I absolutely loved her outfits. Dawn has a love for vintage and this outfit has a bit of a vintage flare. It is so adorable. A few year back she did a pin-up shoot and the photos were so cute and very well done. She said she treated herself to that shoot to celebrate herself and to be empowered. I think everyone should do that for themselves.

It was an pleasure working with both Fatima and Dawn. They are two incredible women. If you would like to see more of their work I will link their instagram tags below.

Fatima: @beautytouch_byfatima

Dawn: @dawnxanklin


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