Anaya Arts by Fiona

Anaya Arts by Fiona

Fiona is an exceptional local artist who celebrates her African roots with her beautiful drawings. Each piece of art she creates is a masterpiece. You can feel a strong sense of culture in her art and sense the passion she puts into it. Her attention to detail is insane. She currently selling wall art and t-shirts. I think she is an incredible woman.

I met Fiona through Instagram. From the beginning, I admired her as an artist and for her strong business sense, so I reached out to her to see if she needed any photography to help her promote her business. I love meeting other local business owners (especially artists) and finding inspiration from them in one way or another. As luck had it, she had some spare time and took me up on my offer. Spring was in full bloom and the cherry blossoms were out, so I knew the perfect place where we could showcase her product – the Ornamental Gardens in Ottawa’s Central Experimental Farm.  I love the this area in general, but during spring it’s a local hotspot for photography.

We took advantage of the cherry blossoms! How could we not? Splashes of pink in the background is my jam. I almost lost my lens cap because I was so caught up in the moment of our shoot, but luckily I am good at retracing my own steps and found it.

We also loved the splashes of greens added by the spruce trees, so I got Fiona to hold up her art and have her hand slightly in the photo. Why not? These were the hands that created all of this beautiful art! Photographing framed wall art is a challenge because of the glare the glass reflects, but that just means that as the photographer you have to move around or tilt the frame in a different way. We made it work and the results spoke for themselves.

Fiona has a great eye for composition. She suggested to take photos of the art down a pretty stone path. It worked well. We then experimented with putting the art in a tree. I was a bit afraid that the frames might fall over and break but luckily they didn’t.


It was lovely meeting Fiona. She is such a nice person and super easy to talk to. I definitely recommend checking out her work and following her on instagram. She is an inspiration.

You can find her on instagram @anaya.arts. Her website is


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