Karissa’s Maternity Session

Karissa’s Maternity Session

Karissa is a super talented local fashion designer. I met her for the first time recently when we recently photographed one of her dresses for an upcoming magazine publication this September.  She also happens to be expecting twins so yesterday, we did a maternity shoot together. I am so excited for her!  I love shooting maternity sessions. They are just so beautiful and have such a natural vibe to them. For this session, Carolyn was the makeup and hair stylist. This is the second maternity shoot we have done together. Both sessions were different, but equally beautiful. Here is the makeup and hair look Carolyn created. She is so good at styling!

Karissa is a beautiful lady. She picked out the beautiful white dress she wore for the session and the head piece as well. It’s no wonder the look comes together so nicely when you are photographing women with a fashion background.

I chose a black background to make a drastic contrast with the white clothing. Also, Karissa has beautiful blonde hair so backlighting wasn’t an issue at all. I used a large softbox with a single light setup. I also had a reflector bouncing some light back. I love simple setups because they give me more time to work with the subject.

Karissa doesn’t have a bad angle. She photographs so beautifully at any angle you put her. This session was really a breeze for me. The duration of the shoot was forty-five minutes. I try to work fast with maternity sessions. Every pregnancy is different and I prepare ahead of time in case the mommy-to-be gets tired or can’t stand for long periods of time. Plus, you want your subject to enjoy the session and leave with a positive experience.


Karissa threw some inspiration photos at me ahead of time and both photos she sent were fashion photos with the dress floating in movement. This was done all in post editing. We took multiple photos of the dress being held up in different positions and put it together a composite in photoshop. It’s fun trying things new. It challenges me and my team. This shoot was super fun and I am in love with the final results. Everyone’s contributions made it possible.

To check out my teams work, I have listed their links below

Karissa’s fashion design page: @presenceprevail

Karissa’s personal IG: @karisbesh 

Makeup/hair stylist: @carolynbeautyandstyle

Lashes: @laashlashes


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