Strength of the Ram

Strength of the Ram

As a photographer, I love to try new styles and concepts with my photography. Avant garde photography always striked me as powerful but super creative so naturally I wanted to give it a try. I wanted do a concept with horns, as it seems I am always originally inspired by accessories and make the concept from there. I reached out to a team of incredible ladies to help me on this adventure. Ruth Cameron, my go to idea partner, listened to my horn idea and made the horns herself. Ruth is a master at doing research and finding ways to make creations come to life. I had a model in mind from the beginning – Maude. She is a model I met behind the scenes at the CHEO Runway for Hope while I was taking photos. She was interested in working together and loved the creative idea. Michele Beaudoin, the amazing fashion designer, saw the horns and happened to have a dress that would work for the concept. Fatima (makeup artist) and Emma (hair stylist) were both game as well. It’s so lovely having all these ladies come together and make something creative. It truly is magical. Each one of them is so talented.

Naturally when there is such a big team involved I submitted the photos to a magazine and they were all published in Imirage Magazine. I love that magazine’s style so I am always super blessed when my work gets published in their magazine.

Here’s our publication.

Maude did such a great job in making wild expressions. She was the perfect model for this project. She is a rather new model, but you would never know. It was such a pleasure working with her.

To see more of these ladies’ work you can find them on instagram:

Model: @maude_ravenelle

Makeup artist: @beautytouch_byfatima

Hair: @emmashairstyling

Magazine: @imiragemagazine


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