Renaissance Muse

Renaissance Muse

Sometimes you get inspired to do a shoot by a simple photo. This happened to me when I saw a photo with a model wearing a “ruff”. I immediately reached out to Michele Beaudoin, a super talented local fashion designer, to see if she would be interested in a creative project. She loved it. We decided to make some adjustments to the historical style and make it our own. While Michele was working on making a masterpiece. I shared this idea to Ruth, my boyfriend’s mom, who is one of the most creative people I know. She made me the most beautiful ruff I had ever seen. Well… to be fair I haven’t seen a ruff before in person, but if I had it would have not been as pretty as the one she made. As fate would have it, I had a super creative shoot the following day where I had Fatima and Emma over at my place doing hair and makeup for another shoot. Making small talk, I brought up this concept and asked if they would be interested in taking part. I showed them my inspiration shots and they were both on board. Emma was going do something creative with the hair and Fatima was going to make an Elizabethan look for makeup. Maude, my model for the day, suggested another model for the shoot – Alinaa. Together, we looked at Alinaa’s photos and decided she would be a perfect match. I also contacted a local florist shop, Nectar Flowers, and they supplied the most beautiful greenery to complement our shoot. The greenery really brought colour to our neutral palette.

We had to adjust Emma’s original plan for hair because Alinaa’s hair wasn’t strong enough to be back combed but in the end I think the hair looked amazing. Emma is such a sweet heart and made sure that she found an alternate hair style on the spot that wouldn’t damage Alinaa’s hair. Here’s the makeup look that Fatima created. My team is so amazing – you can give them a concept and they blow your mind with doing it 100 times better than you imagined. You can also see the beautiful ruff and how it photographed so well.

It is sometimes challenging to photograph hair while photographing a person because it needs to be appreciated from all angles, front, back and sides. I usually try to get a lovely profile photo so show the detail put into the style while showing the face a little too. I loved the braids. I think it again added to the modern flair. Sometimes bumps happen to direct you in the right direction. We decided to save the back comb for another shoot.

Now for the dress! It was absolutely amazing. Like everyone else involved, Michele did an incredible job. Cream-coloured material with polka dots was such a great choice. The dress fit Alinaa perfectly too. It so nice when things come together so perfectly.  Also the greenery!! It really was the cherry on the cake.

Alinaa did an incredible job with posing and facial expressions. Back in the day when photography wasn’t an instant thing, people wouldn’t be able to hold a smile long enough to have their picture taken or even painted so it was common to have serious faces in photos. I was looking for more moody and fashion like expressions then smiley photos. Alinaa nailed the look.

I used a fabric canvas I bought from Henry’s (a local camera store) that had splashes of colour but mainly a rose pink. I didn’t want a seamless paper background because that would be too modern. These fabrics are Cameron brand and can be reused many times. They generally last longer than paper for obvious reasons.

After the photos were done, we submitted them to Raw Magazine who published our photos on their website and instagram. When you put this much time and creative energy into a project I feel it needs to shared with more people. Thank you Raw Magazine for sharing our content!

My team:

Makeup artist: @beautytouch_byfatima

hair stylist: @emmashairstyling

florist: @nectarflowersottawa

Fashion Designer: Michele Beaudoin

Model: @instalina_7

Accessory Designer: Ruth Cameron



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