Mature Beauty with Mary Elin

Mature Beauty with Mary Elin

Mary Elin is a gorgeous local model who I have had the pleasure of working with two times previously. She is full of energy and her range of expressions is impressive. She honestly makes the perfect pin-up model because of it. When I reached out to her asking if she would be interested in doing a simple portrait session to showcase mature beauty, she was one hundred percent on board. She did an incredible job as I predicted. Her makeup and hair was done by the super talented stylist Fatima. Fatima can make everyone look flawless. She is a true gem in Ottawa. I love working with her.

For this session we had two outfits picked out. Both are lovely but I wanted to focus on Mary Elin’s personality and letting her natural beauty shine through. I had a simple one light set up and used a reflector to bounce the light where fill was needed. We also had Mary Elin’s boyfriend help with posing adjustments which was super handy. I love having a second set of hands in the studio – it’s such a treat.


You can tell by the photos that Mary Elin is a natural in front of the camera. I feel these photos match her bubbly personality perfectly. I love making women feel beautiful no matter what age they are. Beauty doesn’t stop at 25 years old and Mary Elin is proof of this. She is a very beautiful person and such a sweet heart. She likes to help new photographers in the community by lending her time so they can practice on a model. At the same time, she is a busy self-promoting and it pays off. Last year, she was in an commercial for Casino Lac Leamy which saw a lot of airtime. I saw her a handful of times on TV and I don’t even have cable. Those were all times I was out and just happened to be near a television. Also, a photo we took together is a cover shot on a book by a local writer Michel Weatherall. I am happy for her success and I know there is more to come in the near future.

We switched the background to a soft brown colour. I love grey backgrounds for black clothing but I wanted to bring more life to this shoot so I switched it out for brown. Both of these outfits were provided by Mary Elin. She bought both of them from local thrift stores. I often shop around looking for unique outfits that can inspire shoot ideas. You can spend a day in any of the local thrift stores. The finds are amazing.

In the last set of photos I told Mary Elin to just have fun with her poses and expressions and this is what she did. She is amazing at the happy look which has a warm feeling to it. It was a pleasure working with both her and Fatima. They are both just such great talents. It was also nice meeting Mary Elin’s boyfriend, Matin.

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