Mature Beauty with Sophie

Mature Beauty with Sophie

I had the absolute pleasure of taking Sophie’s photos. Sophie is a mom of two and a kindergarten teacher. She loves teaching, and you can tell by the way she talks about her job that she is passionate about her career.  She is super sweet and friendly and I had a great time spending the day with her. Sophie also has a great sense of humour and says “I have 9 years of teaching left and I need to become famous to quit teaching.”

There is always a lot of planning and multiple conversations before a photography session to make sure everything goes smoothly the day of the shoot. This requires a lot of networking and connecting with other businesses and artists. I don’t think many people factor in this part of photography unless they are involved in the process. First, I reached out to Fatima, one of my favourite makeup artist/hair stylists in Ottawa, because she is very skilled and personable. She had total control of makeup and hair and I love that I can leave this part to the professionals. As a photographer I know what I like, but they know what would look best on each individual based on their face structure and skin type. Second, I also connected with a local clothing company, Frida’s attic, which specializes in Mexican fashion designs. The clothing they provided was so colourful and full of energy. I sent photos of the clothing to Fatima beforehand and she put together a beautiful look for Sophie. Here are the before and after photos.

As you can see, Sophie is a natural beauty. She shared with me that on a regular basis she does not wear makeup and wears her hair up most days. She is a lot like me. I also do the same due to allergies to many cosmetics. It was a treat for her to get styled and dolled up. Sophie’s daughter, Julie, accompanied her mom on the shoot and is a model. It was very sweet to see such a supportive family. Sophie admitted to being a little nervous before the session and had Julie there to make her feel at ease. I love that. It is absolutely normal to be nervous before doing your first portrait session solo. Most of my clients have said the same thing, but they all leave happy and a fulfilled after feeling like they have conquered a fear. Sophie really did an amazing job.

We did a few photos indoor to start. I picked a rich green backdrop for the head shots. I love Savage Universal backdrops for the range of colours they offer. This one is called Evergreen, and it worked so well with the jean dress and the red earrings from Frida’s attic. I could have went many ways with the colour backdrop, but I am very happy with these results!

After a few studio portraits, we went for a walk outside for some fashion shots. I love walking around and finding spots to shoot. So does my puppy, Ozzy. He got to come on two small walks with us, and Julie looked after him while we took some photos.

Sophie was such a good sport. This location was about 8 minutes from my studio and she wore her high heels all the way there and back. She even said she was feeling no pain from the shoes and was walking like a pro. I can’t walk in heels for the life of me, so I was pretty impressed. The final outfit was my favourite. It included a pink kimono, purple earrings, and a boho-style hat. Sophie looked great in everything that was picked for her. I am super blessed to work with such amazing people (including those behind the scenes!).

Beauty is found in every stage of your life. Thank you to all the ladies who helped make this shoot a success.

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