Behind the Scenes – Runway for Hope

Runway for hope makeup artists

Behind the Scenes – Runway for Hope

Last weekend I had the honour of doing the behind the scenes photography for the Runway for Hope. Runway for Hope is a great fundraising event that happens twice a year that provides its earnings to CHEO, the children’s hospital in Ottawa. My university friend, Andre Rodrigues, has put tons of time and hard work into bringing this event to life. He has done such a great job and I’m very impressed how well it is organized. I am super proud of him and am so honoured to be able to help such a great cause.

The lady to the left in both photos above is a Carolyn, a close friend of mine and a fabulous makeup artist. She was in charge of making sure everything went smoothly with her team of makeup artists. She did a fabulous job. All the makeup artists on her team were very relaxed and having fun. No one looked stressed which is incredible based on the volume of models that were walking the runway.

So much incredible talent in one room – it actually blows my mind! And of course there was a group of amazing hairstylists. The hair styles these models were wearing were absolutely gorgeous. I am so impressed. Here’s some more behind the scenes!


And of course the wonderful designers and models and assistants. Couldn’t do it without them either!! Here’s the rest of my behind the scenes photos.


As you can see, lots of wonderful people came together for a great cause. Congrats to all involved for a wonderful job. 🙂


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