Summer Portrait Session with Amreen and Raadhaa

amreen arboretum black and white portrait

Summer Portrait Session with Amreen and Raadhaa

Nothing is better than getting together with some incredible ladies and taking some beautiful portraits outside. To me, that one of the most fun and refreshing ways to spend a summer evening. I forget all the things that may be stressing me out and get pumped to create new content. Two weeks ago I had a summer outdoor session with Amreen, an Ottawa Model Management model, and Raadhaa, an incredible makeup artist and an overall great person. I am super happy with the photos from this session. Also the experience of shooting with these ladies is now a fond memory.

I love working with Raadhaa. Her upbeat and fun energy is great to be around and awesome to have on set. We have worked together numerous times but there was a little time gap between this session and our last session so chatted and within a few days had a shoot together. I had met Amreen very briefy at a charity shoot earlier this summer and what stood out to me aside from her natural beauty was how nice and respectful she was. I told Raadhaa about her and showed her a photo and she instantly agreed we needed to work with her. Garry Black, who runs Ottawa Model Management, is so accommodating and gave us the go to doll her up and take her portraits. I am still amazed how fast everything came together. We are good!

Raadhaa did such an incredible job on Amreen’s makeup and hair. She looked like a million dollars as you can see through the photos. We met up at the Arboretum and walked around and took photos as we went. I shoot all the time at the same location but always seem to find a different spot to shoot. Don’t get me wrong I go to my known gems with clients because I feel they deserve the best. But its fun trying new spots out with models. This brick wall is actually not very tall at all. It’s above the parking lot that has the look out. But it was all we needed for these shots.

I love taking close up portraits the most out of every type of portrait so every time I shoot I make a solid effort to give whomever I am shooting a range of  images. If I could I would take only photos of peoples faces close up every shoot but thats not great for range. And fashion is important too. I saw this wall near the parking lot and immediately thought I should try at least one full length shot in a fashion kind of way. Raadhaa was feeling the vibes to and help suggest or adjust poses as I shot.

And for some close ups!!! I swear you can’t a bad photo of this beautiful lady. Very photogenic

To see more of these fabulous people’s work:

Amreen: @amreenhun

Ottawa Model Management: @ottawamodelmanagement

Raadhaa: @radiantbyraadhaa

mine: @angelaholmyardphotography


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