August Publication – Femme Rebelle Magazine

August Publication – Femme Rebelle Magazine

I was blessed to get another opportunity to work with Tia Tresa. She is the first model I had in front of my camera three years ago and this is our third shoot. She is pleasure to work with and is absolutely gorgeous. She had specific look she wanted that I thought was incredible. We were lucky to have Carolyn join our team as hair and makeup stylist. Carolyn is an incredible makeup artist. Every time we work together the makeup is beyond perfect. She is also great at doing hair and loves being creative. Here’s the look Carolyn created for Tia.

A big thank you to Femme Rebelle Magazine for having us in their magazine. I love Femme Rebelle! For those who haven’t heard of the magazine, they are based in UK. They specialize in boudoir but do take other photos that fit their style. They are definitely worth checking out! I will put their link below. Here’s our tearsheet.

I am really digging Tia’s big hair. She has beautiful natural curls which I am envious of. It was such a pleasure working with her again. She is visiting Ontario for the summer but she lives in BC so it’s an even bigger treat. Here’s more photos from our session that did not make the magazine but I still love.

I hope you enjoyed our session. Here are the links for my team and the magazine.


Tia: @tia.tresa99

Carolyn: @carolynbeautyandstyle

my photography page: @angelaholmyardphotography

Femme Rebelle Magazine: @femmerebellemagazine

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