Railroad fashion with Keirstin

Railroad fashion with Keirstin

After my photo session at the railroad and posting a photo on instagram a fellow photographer warned me of the danger shooting on such location can have. Apparently you don’t hear the train coming and lots of people have been hurt/died shooting on the tracks. I thought I would write that as a disclaimer before I say anything else. It is smart to makes sure the railroad doesn’t have a functioning train in operation before shooting and to have a look out just in case.

Keirstin Madore, our beautiful model for this session, invited me to be part of a shoot that she and Michèle Beaudoin, a local fashion designer, had in the makings. Michèle had made and designed this before black gown and they both came up with an edgy look to go with it. But we needed a makeup and hair stylist so I suggested Fatima Abeduljalil. She is great at both hair and makeup and luckily for us she was available for some styling. Here’s her beautiful look she created with the inspiration photos given.

This is no denying how skilled and talented Fatima is and how incredibly beautiful Keirstin is. And to have Keirstin wearing one of Michèle’s masterpieces makes everything tie together perfectly.  I was just happy to be the one capturing this styled shoot. My boyfriend, Vince, came to assist the shoot by holding the reflector as skillfully as he does and to keep an eye out for trains. Also the weather was perfectly gloomy so the light was so beautiful. As we were all in our cars on our way home it poured but that’s okay. Our hardwork for the day was all finished. Here are some the rest of the photos. Enjoy!

It was a pleasure working with this incredible team. If you would like to see more of their work I will link all their instagram tags below.

Keirstin: @keirstin.madore

Michèle: @michelebeaudoindesigns

Fatima: @beautytouch_byfatima

Vince: @vincentpunch

Mine: @angelaholmyardphotography

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