Karis and Max – Falling in love in style

Karis and Max – Falling in love in style

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Karis for the second time and meeting her boyfriend, Max. He’s such a nice guy and you can tell how much he loves her. It’s very sweet! We were lucky and found a time when Michèle Beaudoin (incredible Fashion Designer) was available. Her gowns are to die for and Karis wears them very well. I had a fun fashion shoot with both of them early this summer so I naturally wanted to bring the team back together. Here’s our first look and first location. Karis and Max found all locations so all the credit goes to them!

How cute are they? AND how gorgeous is that gown! Michèle is incredible! Some photography talk here, I used only natural light for this shoot and no reflector. It was a cloudy day so I was so pumped! I used my canon 6d camera and 24-105mm f/4 lens. Now for the next look and the next location.

Our last location was pretty industrious for the fashionable outfit supplied by Karis and Max from a different local fashion designer. This part of the shoot went pretty quick. Here’s our photos!


To see more of these fabulous peoples work:

Karis (model): @k_grub

Max (model): @the_alter_native

Michèle Beaudoin: (fashion designer) @michelebeaudoindesigns


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