Celebrate your best friend!

Celebrate your best friend!

There is no better feeling than reconnecting with your best friend and just having fun. I am now offering Friendship photo sessions where you can be as silly as you want and also get some great portraits. This would be a great option for big events like when one of your friends get married and you would like some studio photos before the big night out or when you are reconnecting with your friend after months apart. Whatever it is the occasion is (big or small) I can guarantee a fun session. Please feel free to contact me if a friendship sessions interest you.

Ashley R. and Ashley W. had a friendship session with me this weekend and they are very super fun and bubbly. Ashley W. lives in Alberta and came to Ontario for a visit. They have been friends since childhood when Ashley W.’s mom babysat Ashley R. Over our hour session, I could feel how much they care for one another and can sense their closeness . They showed me presents they had given one another over the years which was super adorable. Ashley R. is a local model in Ottawa and had her makeup done beforehand by a super talented makeup artist, Natalie Peachy. I love taking close up portraits so I took one of each other ladies. They are both very attractive ladies.

They picked a bunch of fun photos so I will share some with you. They were all about just having fun and being silly as you will see from the photos.

To see more of Natalie’s work:

Natalie Peachy (makeup artist): @nataliepeachymakeup


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