Business Headshot Fun

Business Headshot Fun

I recently decided to expand my business headshot section on my website. It was one of my services that I thought I should spend more time and effort into. They are fun to do but not super creative so that’s why I wasn’t initially drawn to them. That being said there is a definite need for business head shots now and so I decided to change my approach and up my lighting game with a better lighting setup to take better quality photos. I reached out to my family and friends to let me take their photos and I got lots of interest. I am happy with the photos I have now and would love to share what I have been doing over the last few months.

My first session I did was with the beautiful model, Florence Cajuste, whose also a close friend. We were lucky to have Fatima on our team to do beautiful makeup and hair for us. Seeing she had her hair and makeup done we had some fun afterwards.

My Second session was with Adriana Melissa, who is a model and photographer. She also had her makeup and hair done by Fatima. It’s so nice when the community comes together and helps one an other. Great bunch of ladies! So the first photos are the business headshots and the other photos are of us having fun!


My third session was with Mary Elin Moore whose a local model with Models International Management. She is a hoot! She came with an endless amount of wardrobe which is awesome because there was a lot to choose from. Fatima did the hair and makeup for this session too. I have been keeping her busy! She is a very generous person and always delivers excellent quality makeup and hair for my clients.

My fourth session was with another model from Model International Management, Kayla Peplinskie. She is incredible! She has such a classic model look and is so nice. It was a fun session. This time we had Noahh (Pretty Little You Makeup) on our team. She did an incredible job! Here are our photos.

My fifth session was with a model I worked with two years ago and is incredible, Kasandra Sakovic. She is a very beautiful lady as you will see. Noahh did the makeup for this session too. I really loved our results.

My sixth session was with my handsome stepbrother, Luke. I realized I wasn’t getting much interest in the men for photos so I asked him at a family get together and I was happily surprised when he said he would do it. We had a pretty quick session but I think what we got was pretty great.

My seventh session was with a lovely lady I worked with before who is beautiful, Jenn K. I reached out to her seeing if she needed any business headshots and luckily for me she was interested. I encouraged her to bring other outfits because headshots don’t take a lot of time and here are our photos.

Then my seventh and eighth session was a dual session with model, Doroty and makeup artist Maggie. This was a fun one because Maggie our makeup artist also volunteered for some photos and we had a pretty fun time. Doroty’s boyfriend also joined us and Doroty convinced him to be in a couple photos.

My final session was with my friend Nazir. Seeing I needed more men I reached out to him and he agreed to help me out with some photos. We did a quick session and then went out for lunch and had some Indian food. My favourite aside from my guilty pleasure, poutine.

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