July 2018 Publication – Femme Rebelle Magazine

July 2018 Publication – Femme Rebelle Magazine

I love getting together with creative beauties and making art. This submission I work with two very talented and cool ladies, Carolyn (Makeup artist/hair stylist) and Florence (model). Carolyn and Florence came up with the first look and did a damn good job at it! The attention to detail was insane, from the flowers in Florence hair to the ball of yarn in her hands. I had spoken to Florence previously about my dream of shooting African portraits with the beautiful colourful head wraps and big colourful jewelry so she brought an outfit that matched the African look. I loved it! We do plan to get a designer involved in the future to do more African themed photos but I am in love with the black and white photo we captured that made it into this magazine publication. Here is our July 2018 publication in Femme Rebelle:


Florence is so beautiful and so fun. We always end up spending most of the time chatting and catching up when we are together and spend less time taking photos then I normally do. But that doesn’t matter because Florence is a pro and it takes me no time to get some incredible photos of her. ¬†Carolyn’s hair and make up is always so perfect! She was on the set of this shoot and made sure her makeup was spotless during the shoot. I love the dedication. Both ladies were an absolute pleasure to work with and I was happy they included me in their project.

Here are some more photos from that session:

To see more of these ladies work, you can find them on instagram:

Florence: @bcajuste

Carolyn: @carolynbeautyandstyle

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