Second June 2018 Publication – Haute Femme Magazine

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Second June 2018 Publication – Haute Femme Magazine

Over the last few month, a bunch of us creative ladies have been coming together to take fun and creative photos. One of the models, Carmen, has been submitting the photos we create to magazines and this month we got into Haute Femme Magazine. Making this submission my second publication in the same magazine. That’s a first! My creative team consists of our two models, Kim Ricketts and Carmen Camacho, our hair stylist, Emma Ward, and our makeup artist, Fatima Abeduljalil. It’s always so much fun when we get together. This time I let the stylist completely have full control and do whatever they liked and they definitely did. The photos are fun and creative. Here are the photos that got into the magazine.

I really loved how creative everyone was, with Carmen’s animated posing to the wild and fun makeup and hair. I couldn’t have put all this together on my own if I tried. Great group of ladies! Here is another fun photo of Carmen from that session. I loved her shocked expression.

Carmen candy

Congrats to all these ladies for getting published. It was a blast shoot together and I hope someone got to eat all the left over candy! There was so much candy around – a kids dream!

You can find my team on instagram:

Kim: @kimricketts1

Carmen: @cccamacho

Emma: @emmashairstyling

Fatima: @beautytouch_byfatima


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