June 2018 Publication – Haute Femme Magazine

June 2018 Publication – Haute Femme Magazine

I don’t often get the opportunity to shoot fashion but I was very happy when Karis, an amazing local Ottawa model from Numa Models, asked me to take part in a shoot she had coming up. She had already connected with another amazing talent, Michèle Beaudoin, who is an incredible local fashion designer. I had taken photos of  Michèle’s beautiful dresses before but it was a pleasure to meet her in person. I also met Karis for the first time at this shoot and she is incredibly beautiful (in photos and in person). They are both very nice and talented ladies and I am happy to share our publication.

Haute Femme Magazine is a sister magazine of Femme Modern. I submit to Femme Modern often because I find their themes fun and it always keeps me trying different things. Corrine, the owner of both magazines, let me know of this new magazine and suggested that I send any high fashion photos her way so she could review them. I was happy to be asked to do this shoot so I thought of Corrine right away.

Here are some other photos that didn’t get published but I still love them anyways!

How beautiful are Michèle’s dresses!? And how stunning is Karis!? They are both super talented and together our photos blew my mind. It was a pleasure working with both of these ladies.

To check out more of these ladies’ work:

Karis: @k_grub

Michèle: @michelebeaudoindesigns

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