What I learned from my first fitness boudoir session.

What I learned from my first fitness boudoir session.

Anne is a beautiful model that I met years ago when we worked together as models at a beach shoot. But it feels like decades ago! More accurately the shoot was probably 6 years ago. Time flies! She reached out to me to do a fitness boudoir session and I jumped at the opportunity. First, because I haven’t really done a fitness boudoir session before and I had confidence that we could create beautiful photos. Secondly, to see her after so much time has passed. She is beautiful as ever and is getting ready for a fitness competition (talk about perfect timing). I love supporting people who have worked hard to accomplish their goals and I also like capturing feminine beauty. So I was pretty excited about this shoot. I reached out to Fatima to do makeup and hair. Lucky for us she was available and of course she did such an incredible job at creating a look that matched Anne’s natural beauty.  This is the look she created – hair and makeup.Anne1

As you can see, Anne is absolutely gorgeous and Fatima’s hair and makeup was on point so my job was rather easy! But I did learn a few things about fitness boudoir.

1. When your body at it’s fitness peak (ready for competition), there are no bad angles!

Every angle I shot of Anne, she looked amazing! She was confident and completely comfortable doing any poses I suggested. Being a model definitely helps with being comfortable in front of the camera. Every bend she made, her lean body’s muscle popped out and looked incredible. As a photographer, you quickly learn what angles work with your clients (this usually happens without realizing you are analyzing someones assets). Everyone has their best side and what not. But with fitness models, they exercise every muscle and every muscle look symmetrical so it really perfect. I couldn’t find a bad angle on her.

2. Female fitness models can be captured as feminine even if they are strong and muscular. 

My favourite look in boudoir is to always have an undertone of femininity. It’s just what I like. Although muscles and physical strength has been a characteristics of manliness historically, women can rock this look and can be feminine as ever. I personally love the muscular look on women. I think it’s very cool and modern and empowering. It takes great dedication and mind strength to get your body to it’s fitness peak so I am always blow away by the strength of the people who do so. Femininity is an attitude and I can tell you fitness models can really exude it if they feel inclined. Here are some super sensual and feminine photos I took of Anne. (I pretty much categorize all the photos we took in this category).


3. If you want killer stretched-out boudoir poses, fitness models are extremely incredible at this.

I was absolutely blown away by the photos I took of Anne all stretched out. All of her hard work of training really paid off for these shots in my mind. Her abs blew my mind and were captured so well and were so defined. Got to give this girl some credit! Here’s what I am talking about!

Here are some more awesome photos for our wonderful session. I can’t thank Fatima and Anne enough. I had a really good time at this shoot and I am very happy with the photos we created together.



To check out more of these ladies work, you can find them on instagram:

Fatima: @beautytouch_byfatima

Anne: @anne.brennan.14

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