Young beauty

Young beauty

Last month I had the pleasure of taking portraits of Lana. Her super fun mom contacted me to inquire about a portrait session for her daughter. Here’s our results!!! My partner in crime, Fatima, came over and did Lana’s hair and makeup up. Sandrine ( Lana’s mom) and I chit chatted about everything while Fatima was working her magic. I learned that it’s a thing now on the land of youtube to curl your hair with straws. Lana had done it and had photos of how it looked after. It actually was quite impressive. I might have to go to the dollar store and buy some. Either way it was pretty cool. Who would have known?! This was a very fun shoot to say the least. Here’s the beautiful look Fatima created. I think she did an incredible job. I am a big fan of hers.

For these photos I had a simple set up. I set up my Cameron flash above the backdrop to give a hair light and used my strobe (Elinchrom BRX 500) with a large octabox to light her up from the front. My setups are always pretty much the same thing. My Moto is don’t over complicate things and learn as you go. I used my trusty Canon 6D camera and my 24-105 f/4 lens and my 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. That’s it!

Lana had three outfit options and I must admit I love her style. I absolutely love her off the shoulder shirt! I think its incredibly cute and sophisticated. She would look good in anything but I do admire her style. She’s a very beautiful young lady and also super polite. Photography is awesome – I get to meet and work with some of the nicest people! I’m blessed. 🙂

Her last look was a cute off the shoulder black dress. We changed the background to white to make it stand out. The black dress would have showed up as well on the black background but we decided to go the white background look instead. Lana did an incredible job modelling. You never know, you may see her again in Vogue! Whatever she does I wish her all the best. She’s such a sweetheart and so is her mom.

I hope you liked the photos! If you would like to check out more of my teams work I will put our links below.


Fatima: @beautytouch_byfatima

My instagram: @angelaholmyardphotography

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