Noahh’s Engagement Session

Noahh’s Engagement Session

First I would like to say Congratulations to Noahh and her fiance Mike on their engagement! Noahh is one of the makeup artists I work with fairly regularly. She is such a sweet girl and amazing at doing makeup. As soon as I heard she was engaged I wanted to know who was taking her engagement photos and luckily for me she hadn’t set anything up so I got to do them. Yay me! And she wanted to do them with the blooming crab apple trees so she was definitely speaking my language. Here’s the happy couple!

Noahh got Thani, another amazing makeup artist located in Ottawa, to do her makeup. Thani is amazing. She owns her own makeup line called Orchid Cosmetics and her products photograph beautifully. I have done numerous shoots and had makeup artists apply her line on the models/clients and the makeup always stays on the subject the whole shoot without smudging. I’m definitely a fan of Orchid Cosmetics! I will add her link to the bottom so you can check out her work as a makeup artist and her cosmetics line. Here’s the makeup look she did for Noahh. Super natural but also a hint of glam in the eyes. Thani did an incredible job!


Here are some more beautiful couple photos. They are so adorable! I am so happy to have been able to take these photos. They are getting married next year by the ocean. How sweet is that?!

They brought their son with them to the shoot which I loved. I love getting family photos when I can and he’s so handsome. His smile is so precious. He was such a good sport and was so great with the camera. Maybe we are looking at a future model/actor?

What a beautiful family! I suggested for Mike and his son to have a grass fight. They were doing that before and I figured I could get some good candid shots that way and it worked! And of course I took a photo of the ring!


The day we had the shoot it was sunny so we found shade under the trees to shoot. We made it work. My boyfriend, Vince, was assisting and helped with the reflector and even shielded them from the sun. You don’t want blinding white spots on their body or face. It happens but I always try to have even light. I used my canon 6D and my 24-105 f/4 lens. Thats it! Kept it simple. I hope you liked these photos. I was counting down the days for this shoot. I love romantic photos and I love the blooming trees. Together it’s just very beautiful. Sigh!

To see some of these amazing artists work check their instagram accounts out:

Noahh’s makeup page: @prettylittleyoumakeup

Thani: @missthani  & her cosmetic business page: @orchidcosmetics 

To see more of my work: @angelaholmyardphotography

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