Marrying your best friend

keith and marg backyard couple black and white

Marrying your best friend

“A successful married life requires falling in love many times, but with the same person.” – unknown author

Marg and Keith are the cutest couple I know. They are grandparents to my boyfriend, Vince. I have met them numerous times and they are so adorable and kind. What stood out to me about them beyond their big hearts was how in love they are. I can’t think of anything more beautiful then growing up and marrying your sweetheart and being in love while being grandparents. It’s the small gestures that caught my attention. How Keith often put his hand on Marg’s lower back when they stand together or how Marg smiles across the room when Keith is telling a story. It’s the simple things but they are everything.

Marg and Keith live in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and visit Ottawa a few times a year. I was happy to have had a 10 minute portrait session with them at the end of our visit with them. They were so easy to work with and very relaxed. I loved taking their photos. Marg’s sense of humour and Keith’s kind encouragement made it super fun. And they are so adorable!

Now for the photography talk, I used my canon 6D and my 24-105 f/4 Canon lens. Vince assisted with a reflector. We took photos around 7-7:30pm so the sun was setting. Another plus was that the mosquitoes weren’t out bugging us. They find me!

I hope you liked these photos. Marg and Keith were excellent models. Such a pleasure taking their photos. This was one of my bucket-list photography shoots I had in my mind for awhile so I am happy to cross it off and of course add 10 more items to it. Can’t turn off my brain. (haha)

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