Madeleine – Woman in the Painting Portrait Session

Madeleine – Woman in the Painting Portrait Session

I was browsing the internet when I came across a beautiful set of paintings of a woman wrapped in red fabric which struck me with their beauty. I wanted to recreate them and I knew the perfect model for the job – Madeleine. The woman in the painting has beautiful green eyes which is why I instantly thought of her. Also their face shapes are similar I think. I reached out to Madeleine and she was on board. She also had a photo similar in nature on her bucket list of photos she wanted to recreate. What are the chances of that?  Anyways, I shared these inspiration photos with Noahh, a local makeup artist, and she loved it. So we had our little team put together. We got together last Saturday and made magic happen. It went rather quickly seeing it was a pretty simple setup and Madeleine is a natural at posing. Here’s our inspiration photos. The first two photos are the paintings that I love and the more moody shot circled was the photo Madeleine loved.

I love recreating photos but I don’t like completely copying them. Instead, I love tweaking them so they are a new spin of the photos. So I bought a beautiful burgundy fabric at Fabricfand. This is the same fabric I used before with a dancer. What a win, using a fabric twice for two shoots!  This lucky piece of fabric got to have its photo taken draped over two beautiful women (haha). Here are the first set of photos that we did as a spin off of the two painting photos.

Noahh decided to go bold again and matched the fabric with her lipstick. I love that Noahh only made her lips stand out and gave her an otherwise soft look. The makeup artists in Ottawa are so talented. I love them all.

To be honest, I pictured the photos looking different somehow. I am not sure what I imagined. But that being said, I am still very happy how they turned out. They don’t look super similar to the paintings but I am sure you can see some of similarity in theme. I love that they don’t look like I ripped off the painter’s photos. Madeleine did a great job as usual with posing and expressions with her eyes. Here’s the photo we did of Madeleine’s concept. I’m going to put them side to side for effect.

I personally think she nailed the pose. I love doing photos that I normally wouldn’t do and step out of my usual style. It was a fun photo to take. Not my usual soft and pretty look I tend to lean towards. This is definitely a more moody photo. We had a little extra time so I continued to shoot Madeleine in a beautiful red dress she brought along. Sadly, the lipstick colour didn’t match the red dress, but since these photos were extras I adjusted them in editing.

I did these in black and white to make up for the colour differences of lipstick and the dress. Madeleine is such a beautiful model. She has such beautiful long and thick hair. I am envious for sure. Most women are not as blessed with such beautiful hair as what she has. She also has such beautiful facial features that you really can’t go wrong with. Truly, she is a photographer’s dream subject, not to mention a very relaxed and friendly person too.

A BIG shout out to my boyfriend for joining us and helping with the reflector. He helps out at many of my shoots and I don’t know what I would do without him. He also adds more positive and supportive vibes when he is available to help. There are many shoots he does not assist in – such as boudoir shoots. But, I love having his handsome self around and he is very helpful.

To see more of these artists work – check them out on instagram:

Madeleine: @maddyimboden

Noahh: @prettylittleyoumakeup

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