Shahreen Portrait Session

fashion photography of a woman covered in black lace

Shahreen Portrait Session

Shahreen is one of the models I worked with when I was just starting out. She is a beautiful model and is super friendly and polite. After living in Kingston getting her Masters degree, she just moved back to Ottawa last week. She reached out to me wanting a little break from writing her thesis and I had been having a slow work week so we connected for a portrait session. She is a pleasure to work with. Here’s a throw back to our first shoot which took place in the summer of 2017. We have both grown so much.


Fatima, the makeup artist/hair stylist I work with regularly – who continues to blow my mind with her mad skills – did both Shahreen’s hair and makeup. She did such a beautiful job! Here’s the head shots I took from last week. Fatima’s hair styling was top notch and the make up done was so detailed and pretty. Neither of these looks were directed by me and I love the result. I love letting artists do their own thing because what they come up with is always very nice and refreshing.  Shahreen has such beautiful facial features – full lips and big gorgeous eyes. Another photographer, Mike G., and I were talking about her beauty and he mentioned that she had big beautiful eyes like Disney’s princesses and he was so on point.

For our main concept, I pinned a rusty purple fabric to the wall in my studio because the colour is absolutely gorgeous! I bought this fabric for maybe $8 at Value Village, a local thrift store – I love Value Village!  She had told me that she was bringing a beautiful lace dress so I thought the purple would compliment it in a feminine manner. I also had tulle fabric for boudoir shoots but felt that it would be fun to experiment with it. I am also in love with tulle fabric. Having seen it used in lots of photos from other photographers I admire, I was dying to try it out for myself. I plan to get tulle in many colours as I can! I would fill a closet if I could. The tulle was bought at Fabricland.

I did the fabric trick again with Shahreen because I loved the results from last shoot but this time I used black lace fabric. For those who didn’t read my last post, I discovered the fabric trick on youtube. To get this look you and the model both are under the fabric and it gives this cool effect that has fabric falling in the foreground. I find it very romantic and almost gives a bridal feel.

I had to get a full length photo to show off her beautiful dress. These were taken at a duck pond area near my house in Central Park. I run almost every day and often my brain goes back to photography and thinking about fun locations to shoot. This was one of the spots I love. I have used it multiple times. It was actually perfect because the day we shot it was calling for rain and was raining on and off. Seeing this is walking distance we made it there before the big wind storm. We were there probably in total of 15 minutes. It doesn’t take long to get these beautiful photos. It helps having a solid team to work with.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures from our shoot together!



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