Mya – Fashion and Boudoir Photos

beautiful girl poses under a blanket of lace

Mya – Fashion and Boudoir Photos

This week I had a lighter work load so I did a bunch of collabs with local artists. Sooo much fun! My first collaboration of the week was with a new model, Mya, for some fashion and boudoir photos. Mya has experience in acting but decided to switch over to the modelling world for some fun. She is a beautiful lady and was a pleasure to work with. I was very lucky that Fatima also had some time for a creative shoot and wanted to make some magic. Fatima did both the hair and makeup for this session.

These are the makeup shots I did. I started with the traditional headshots in the studio but was feeling wild and threw some fabric over both of us and shot a cool portrait. I actually saw a video on this on youtube. The photographer was taking a selfie in the video and threw some lace over her head and over the camera. This lets the lace hang between the subject and the camera and captures the fabric in the foreground of the photo. I love trying new things so this was a lot of fun for me.

The day of the shoot it was raining off and on. We were lucky to have 15 minutes of no rain but with the beautiful overcast sky. We took a little walk down the street from my studio and took some fashion shots. She had a cool outfit she wore over to the shoot and a fun summer hat so it was perfect for some pictures. I love to get any excuse to shoot outdoors especially after a long winter.

Our main concept was boudoir. This was Mya’s first boudoir shoot but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the photos we created. She was very relaxed in front of the camera and posed quite well. I love that she had purple in her lingerie. I love purple and the colour suits her well. These are the ones I did in colour. I kept them soft and pretty. These photos were actually taken in my living room in front of the window. I love that spot. Gives the most beautiful natural light.

And of course, I switched some to black and white to give more of an edgy and sexy look to the photos. Life is too short not to play around with editing and I do honestly believe that some photos are better in black and white. I shot all these photos with my Canon 6D and my 24-105mm f/4. I used my Elinchrom BRX 500 strobe with a large octobox attached and let the natural light back light the photos. I like to keep the lighting as simple as possible. I do like softer looking portraits so my light setup works for me.

I hope you liked my fun collab results. It was a fun day of shoot. As always, Fatima did an incredible job doing Mya’s makeup and hair. I gave no directions on the look so this was all her creation. Mya is a gorgeous model and I believe her talent from acting was carried over to modelling.

To see their work on instagram:

Mya: @smileitscontagiouss_

Fatima: @beautytouch_byfatima

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