Femme Rebelle May 2018 Publication

beautiful redhead poses in sexy black lingerie for retro boudoir photoshoot

Femme Rebelle May 2018 Publication

I am super excited about this publication! I absolutely love doing vintage boudoir sessions and working with amazing talents. For this publication I had the pleasure of shooting with Kate Blaze and Fatima Abeduljalil. They are both extremely talented. I have worked with Fatima numerous times and she always produces incredible looks and adds lots of creativity and style. This is my first time meeting and working with Kate. Kate is very beautiful model with gorgeous long red hair to die for. She is an experienced model and has a very positive attitude. These ladies were a pleasure to work with.

Femme Rebelle is a European magazine based in UK. I love that they celebrate the beauty of women. Lately, I have been sending my boudoir portraits to them for submission because I really like their style and the artists they select overall. I discovered the magazine last month and have had two of my boudoir sessions published by them. This month’s submission was a great achievement – I was super pumped when they chose six photos from my submission! They also give you free tear sheets when you are published and I really appreciate that. Not all magazines do this.

Here are a few other photos that my team created that were not chosen for the publication but I still love. These first two are close ups to show off Fatima’s amazing work. Fatima is amazing, I can’t say this enough! When I work with a makeup artist I give them a general sense of the images we are looking. For example, for this shoot I just said 1920s vintage boudoir. She came up with look on her own and is super creative. We were lucky to have such a beautiful canvas to work with. The head pieces and the jewelry were borrowed from Ruth Cameron. The clothing was provided by Kate.

I love Kate’s style. The wardrobe she provided was spot on too. All of her clothing choices were elegant and could be seen as vintage with the right setting. She came over with a suitcase full of options and matching shoes.

Here are a few fun headshots we did. I changed the editing on these. I love trying different ways to edit photos and I love when a beautiful vintage photo pops when converted to black and white. You got to have some fun and try new things or you will never improve. Life’s too short to edit photos the same way all the time.

I found this beautiful green carpet at Home Sense. I love how her red hair compliments the green colours in the carpet. Green is my new favourite colour so I pretty excited to find this rug. I believe I bought the rug for $50 before tax but I can use it multiple times for many concepts.

Thank you for reading my blog. To see more of these ladies work check them out on instagram:

Kate Blaze: @kateblazepurefire

Fatima: @beautytouch_byfatima

mine: @angelaholmyardphotography


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