Dance Photography

Dance Photography

Over the last several months, I have had the pleasure of shooting with three beautiful ladies doing different styles of dance poses. Ruth Cameron and I did our session last fall when the leaves were all different colours and beautiful. I had portrait studio sessions with Violetta and Kira in the studio over the winter months. Any month with snow on the ground winter in my opinion, but I am so happy that spring is finally here! Here’s my first few dance sessions. I am not a dancer and am unfamiliar with the dance moves, but was happy to capture what I could from each session.

Ruth is so naturally beautiful. She was dancing on a rock and beside it was a little pond so I am so happy she didn’t fall especially while dancing with a sword. Her type of dance she was doing was American Tribal Dance. It was very pretty and I believe it had some belly dance moves in it. Her costume was gorgeous! Here are a few posed photos I captured.

My second dance shoot with was the beautiful Violetta. She was doing Flamenco dance and her costume too was amazing! She is very new to being in front of the camera but she did an incredible job. She was very relaxed and Ruth was present assisting with the dance poses.

How beautiful is she? Makes me want to go to Spain. Here are some posed photos we took. I like having the mix of both posed and dance shots. I really loved the vibrant reds in the costume and the matching fan. This was so much fun.

And of course we had some fun behind the scene fun. Ruth and Violetta being silly.

My more recent dance shoot was with the lovely Kira. Her make up was done by Noahh. I work with Noahh often and she is always interested in trying different styles of makeup. She was very pumped with the look that Kira had selected for her session. Kira wanted a dark smokey eye look and Noahh matched the lip colour to the purple she had in her hair. Really created a cool look. Here are our posed photos.

Kira’s styling was incredible. I absolutely loved her hair colour and the contrast it had on her dark costume. Kira was a lot of fun and had her own personal twist to her shoot. She wanted a dark set that had a spooky theme to it so Ruth helped put together the set. Kira brought some incredible props and so did Ruth. Ruth was present to assist the shoot.


Here are some more photos of Kira doing her thing. Kira did a great job and was so positive throughout the shoot. The shoot ran longer than expected (as it often does when there are multiple sets involved). But Kira didn’t mind waiting between sets which was awesome.


I am very blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with each of these ladies. They are all terrific dancers and a pleasure to work with. I loved how each dancer had a drastically different costume and they were all beautiful.


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