Cassie & Mike – Couple Session

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Cassie & Mike – Couple Session

I met Cassie years ago when we were neighbours. She moved in with my friend, Heather. She is gorgeous and had just started modelling. Last year I wanted to get some gorgeous couple shoots for my portfolio so I reached out to her to see if she was interested. Her boyfriend, Mike, is very handsome and they are both very photogenic and in love, so I had a blast. I got Chinenye to do her makeup. Chinenye is amazing at doing make up and gave Cassie a natural but super pretty look. Here’s the look Chinenye created and a shot of behind the scenes.

I loved Cassies clothing choices. She had such beautiful clothing. She had her hair all done before the shoot and Mike met us at my place after he finished work. We had to shoot quickly because the sun was lowering fast. That didn’t stop us from getting some amazing shots.

Our shoot took place at the Arboretum (near Experimental Farm) in Ottawa. I am in love with this location! I live across the street from the Experimental farm so that’s an added bonus. But the location is incredible! There are so many different trees and shrubs and flowers to die for! I highly recommend that photographers in the Ottawa take advantage of this location. They usually have a bunch of sunflowers in bloom around August too.

When I do couple shoots I often pick up a bouquet of flowers. It gives the models/clients something to hold on to which really helps with posing hands. Lots of people who are not used to being in front of the camera often have a hard time posing their hands. Putting something in then really helps and builds confidence. Also flowers are pretty and romantic and I give it to the clients afterwards and a reminder of their fun shoot. It’s good to coordinate the colour of flowers with the clothing they are wearing too. Loblaws (and I am sure other grocery stores) often has discounts on flowers that have been there for awhile. Usually 50% off! So if you find a bouquet that looks healthy and alive you are laughing.

I love directing poses for couples. I often get the guy to tickle his lady while he is standing behind her on her sides. They usually gets very natural expressions. I also get them to talk about how they met or how they fell in love. Those are usually fond moments and bring on smiles. There are a lot of tricks but the best is to just keep talking to them while shooting. Lots of direction helps the flow of the shoot.

This was such a fun shoot! Cassie and Mike were so easy going and relaxed. You could really tell they care for each other. It was adorable!

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