Ozzy’s First Birthday

pet photography birthday photo shoot of a dog licking his lips while eating a birthday cookie

Ozzy’s First Birthday

Birthdays are so much fun to celebrate, especially if it’s for one of your best friends. Ozzy has brought so much joy and love in both Vince’s and my life. He is stinky and hogs the bed, but we love him. Look at those freckles and those big brown eyes!  We definitely spoil our pup. For his birthday, we wanted to do a smash the cake shoot. Instead of a cake, though, we got a cookie and added whipped cream and maple syrup.

He also got two new toys (one of which he quickly ripped off it’s head), a bunch of wet food (which we never buy but hey you only turn one once!), 2 pizzles, and lots of kisses. I recently did a cake smash shoot for a client so I already had the banner and the silly hat. Ozzy doesn’t like balloons so we had to skip on that. He liked them up until he popped a couple and now he is afraid of them.

Ozzy licked all the whipped cream off as well as the maple syrup and I had to cut up his cookie in sizes that he could eat it. That’s what moms are for, right? So we didn’t get the same result as a traditional cake smash but I’m okay with that.

Ozzy got a photo with his dad. He really wanted to eat that damn cookie! But he sat like a good boy and waited. The second photo was taken by Vince. We raced outside before the sun went down to get this shot. The studio photos can be taken at any time. He did not like his hat and tried to eat it a number of times but we had tons of treats to distract him.

I hope you liked my silly shoot with my doggo. He is pretty awesome and the shoot took maybe 10 minutes in total. Eating the cookie probably took another 10 minutes. I am sure Ozzy needs to go for a few runs with me to burn off the calories he ate over his birthday week. He loves running more than me so its all good.



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