Hayden – Portrait Session

Hayden – Portrait Session

Hayden is a beautiful young actress/model in Ottawa being represented by Angie’s Models and Talent International. She reached out to me on instagram and we set up a shoot after I was approved by Angie. (Which was super cool!) She wanted some portraits for her portfolio and I was happy to help out. She is stunning and photographs beautifully!

I picked a location that I felt was very pretty at that time of year. I believe it was the end of the summer last year when we had our shoot. There is a place near where I live that that used to have a building there but now looks run down and abandoned. The building looks like it has been removed and a new building will replace it. But at that current time wild flowers were blooming in the cracks of the cement. It was interesting and I loved the photos we created. Our second location was the side of an office building that had beautiful brick walls. We kept it pretty simple.

We chatted a lot in the midst of planning the details of our shoot. I am very happy we connected because I made a good friend from this experience. We have a lots in common, such as a love for Oreos, we both own bunnies, and we both love art. She is a very beautiful person inside and out and a pleasure to work with.

For this shoot I used only natural light. It was a pretty sunny day so I had to find spots that weren’t too bright and I always faced her with her back to the sun. We shot in the evening and the light was beginning to set. I love golden hour! A photographer’s dream time to shoot!

Here’s two similar photos but I love them both. I love black and white photos so I try to get at least one black and white shoot in a session if possible. I used my Canon 6D and my 50mm f/1.4 lens. A stool came in handy, because I am 5’6 and never wear heels. I like tilting the camera at a slight downward angle and most times that means I need to have some height which I am not blessed with naturally. That’s my little trick. But I am sure there are lots of tall photographers out there that never need such silly things.

Hayden had some fun ideas up her sleeve. She brought her cute pup and he joined us for a few photos. I think these photos are cute. I loved her old Hollywood outfit with the heart shaped glasses. Very nice touch.

If you are interested in booking Hayden for a future project you could get those arrangements made through her agency.

To see more of Hayden’s work you can find her on instagram: @hayden.roro



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