Kim Ricketts – Portrait Studio Session

Kim Ricketts – Portrait Studio Session

I often look at photographs and try to recreate them with my own twist. Lately I have been getting lots of inquiries for studio portraits for aspiring models. I thought I would take Kim’s offer to get together and shoot to try out some basic portraits. I looked at multiple modelling agencies’ websites and checked out what their new models portfolio photos looked like. They are very clean and simple photos. I love shooting with a black backdrop but white was more appropriate. I reached out to Fatima, a local makeup artist who is incredibly skilled, and asked if she would be interested to collaborating with us. Luckily she was free and wanted to take part. I gave no direction to how she did her hair but I suggested a more natural makeup look. Agencies like to show the model’s natural beauty in their portfolio before showing the tear sheets with fun fashion glamour shots they get through their modelling career.

Fatima did an excellent job on Kim’s makeup and hair. She always produces such beautiful looks. I really liked this look though because she highlighted Kim’s natural beauty perfectly and did a really amazing job. Muriel Henry, a local jewellery stylist, donated a bunch of jewellery for this session. Together Kim and I matched the jewellery to her outfits and had a lot of fun looking through all her products. I feel it adds a nice touch to the photos. We have such great ladies in Ottawa. There is so much talent in this city.

I encouraged Kim to smile and have fun at our session. She was completely herself and pulled off some amazing photos. When I shoot I constantly give positive feedback and suggest poses and even sometimes have poses saved on my phone or computer as a starting point. My intention is not to copy the image but to warm up the model into simple poses and adjust from there. You want to model/client to feel comfortable in front of the camera and that doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Kim has no fears being in front of the camera but it’s good to help get energy flowing with guidance of poses.

I loved the pink on Kim. It’s naturally very feminine and goes great for spring fashion. I loved her pink jeans too. They were so cool. We matched her pink long sleeve shirt with a beautiful rose gold necklace that Muriel had provided. It was the perfect match. I love rose gold myself so I may be biased.

This full shoot I shot with my canon 6d and my 50 f/1.4 lens. I used my Elinchrom BRX 500 strobe with a large octabox and a reflector. I faced the white backdrop facing the patio door so natural light could shine in and add to my studio light.  Mixing ambient and studio light together looks great. I love the soft light it provides.

To see more of these ladies’ work:

Kim, my lovely model, instagram @kimricketts1

Fatima, the super talented makeup and hair stylist @beautytouch_byfatima

Muriel, Jewellery Stylist,


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