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Fashion Blogger – Brainy Blonde

On my spare time I love collaborating with other talents in Ottawa. An opportunity fell in my instagram inbox when Maggie (BrainyBlonde) reached out to do some fun spring shoots. This is my first time working with a fashion blogger (also Maggie is so nice and pretty) so I jumped on the opportunity. I also met an incredibly talented makeup artist on instagram, Carolyn. We have been chatting on instagram for awhile but when this opportunity came up I reached out to her to see if she would be interested in joining the team. Luckily for us she said yes. I also met her close friend and business partner Miss Thani. Thani owns a professional line of makeup called Orchid Cosmetics. Carolyn used her products on Maggie. Here are our before and after shoots and close up photos of the makeup.


makeup & hair by @carolynbeautyandstyle Makeup products @orchidcosmetics


makeup and hair by @carolynbeautyandstyle Makeup products @orchidcosmetics


makeup and hair by @carolynbeautyandstyle Makeup products @orchidcosmetics


As you can see, they turned the already gorgeous Maggie into a goddess. They did an incredible job. Myself, I don’t wear much makeup anymore, as I work from home most days. I told Thani that I was in need for some new foundation and she picked out the perfect match for my skin tone and recommended powder based foundation. I tried it on and it felt great. I will be buying my makeup through her. I love helping out small businesses and buying great products through them rather than at box stores. Makes you feel even better about your purchase. Lets face it, you are gonna buy it anyways, might as well help small business. Here’s some behind the scenes of the makeup and hair being done. Carolyn is gorgeous! I am definitely gonna take her portraits soon and share them with you.


Maggie and I looked up colourful outdoor locations in Ottawa and found a great article by @Narcity. I love #Narcity, they are incredible. We went to three of the locations. It was actually a lot of fun. We had to fight the bright sun. The morning was nice and cloudy but as soon as we got to our first location we had to stop and wait until the clouds covered the sun. I don’t have fancy outdoor lighting yet. One day when I am rich I will though. 🙂  Our first spot was a hidden gem @dumplingpark. It took us awhile to find it. BUTTT WE FOUND IT!!!


Location @dumplingpark


Location @dumplingpark


Location @dumplingpark


location: @dumplingpark



I loved the colours used. Maggie picked out two outfits she wanted to showcase for spring collection. I loved both. It blows me away how people are so good at things. I loved her style. She has a colourful and playful style. She’s not afraid of bright colours and I love it. Off to the next spot, we had to wait for the sun to beat it again! Our next location was a motivational quote on Arlington Five. It is on the wall that’s facing the sun painted on @Arlingtonfive. While we were waiting we took photos in front of Arlington five. They had a cute little bench outside and it was picture perfect. We also took a few photos in front of a house near it. And when the sun set we took photos with the big motivational quote.


Location: @arlingtonfive


Location: @arlingtonfive



Location: @arlingtonfive


Location: @arlingtonfive

Then we walked a little down the street and there was this cool alleyway that had some more painted walls so we stopped there. This is Maggie’s second outfit. Super colourful and awesome. maggie12rsmaggie13rs

Then we walked over to a nearby church that had some pretty doors. Had to take some photos there too. I was having a lot of fun. It’s nice to shoot outdoors again. I really missed it.


I love her smile! And I loved that she was rocking the yellow pants. I had a pair in high school and my friend would always make fun of me. Joke’s on you! Our finally spot was close to where Maggie lived. Again the sun cramped my style but I got a few photos anyways. 🙂 The full painting is of nesting dolls. But seeing as the sun was being a jerk I did the best I could to make the photo awesome. And of course I took a close up of her awesome bag.


location: @theglebe


location: @theglebe

I hoped you enjoyed my fun spring adventure. I am super glad we did it before the snow returned and the temperature dropped.


You can find my amazing team by the links below!

A BIG shout out to my amazing soul mate Vince! He drove us around and assisted shooting. I couldn’t have found a better partner if I tried. I paid him in a shawarma plate. yummy!

Carolyn – makeup and hair stylist – instagram @carolynbeautyandstyle

Miss Thani – also a makeup artist and supply of makeup products @orchidcosmetics

Maggie – fashion blogger and model – @maggieculp and you can find her blog at

And meeeee! on instagram @angelaholmyardphotography


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    IN LOVE with this post.

    • angelaholmyard
      Posted at 15:38h, 06 April Reply

      Thank you! I had so much fun shooting our adventure. ❤️

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